The competition is hosted by Hairmania Greece

1. They may take part in the competition

all residents of Greece over the age of 16.

2. Participants are excluded from participation

employees of HairMaker.Gr & HairMania Greece, as well as their spouses and relatives up to Grade A.

3. The competition will run from 13/4/2018 until the 19/4/2018.

4. The Company reserves the right to

extend, reduce or discontinue the duration of the competition,

at any time, for technical, commercial, operational or force majure reasons

and prior notice by the participants with an appropriate means at the time

reasonable judgment.

5. In the electronic draw, all valid entries will take place for the winners of the Tender.

"Valid Participation" means any participation in

Tender, which has been submitted in accordance with the procedure described.

6. The name of the winner will be announced and will be published on 19/4/2018,

on Facebook on the "Hairmaker.gr" page.

7. The winner, after being informed as stated above, to be nominated as a winner, they will have to communicate via a personal message on the "Hairmaker.gr" page and send the full details (name, surname, address, postecode, City, mobile phone) no later than the 4/4/2018 Greece time 18:00 to accept the gift, which will be sent to him on 19/4/2018. Beyond the specified date and time, the gift is considered unacceptable and a new winner will be displayed.

8. After the expiration of the contest duration (19/4/2018) they will not be held

accepted submissions.

9. The Company reserves the right to change the choice of gifts or the way and dates of draws (gift planning) at any time.

10. The Company will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful attempts to notify winners due to non-response of the phone, absence or even failure to receive the gift.

11. By submitting participation in this contest, the participants agree and

they automatically accept that the content that they upload becomes necessary

public and that they provide unconditionally, irrevocably and unlimitedly to the Company, "Hairmaker.gr.", to any sponsor, as well as

any third person who cooperates with the Company with any

the right to use, process, reproduce, modify

and publish it on any kind of printed matter, websites and any

advertising medium have, for advertising and promotion of the contest and

of its sponsors, without the prior consent of the participants and without any charge or damage to the Company.

12. The "Hairmaker.gr" Company has no liability, directly or indirectly, to any third party  for the Content, and in particular for any violation of intellectual property rights

ownership and any kind of third party rights in relation to or in connection with the  Content. By submitting their attendance to the participants

declare that they have the statutory required legal capacity to

participate in the competition and have all the required permission and right

for the Content.

13. If, for any reason,

participant wishes to withdraw his participation may inform "Hairmaker.gr." via the Facebook page to remove

his name from the draw.

14. The Company is entitled to amend the terms of the tender at its fair judgment.

15. The purchase of a product is not required for participation in the competition.

16. Participation in the competition requires and implies unconditional acceptance of its terms as a whole.

17. Terms of participation have been posted on Facebook's Hairmaker.gr Facebook page,

and any changes or modifications will be announced on the same page.



14/12/2017 - Katrin Anastasiadou - Hair product set JOC

8/11/2017 - Λίτσα Γεωργίου - Dear Barber Grooming

21/10/2017 - Νέλλη Καβουρίνου - Hair products set schwarzkopf

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