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Kalliston Bio Olive Laurel & Biotin Shampoo 100ml 3388 Kalliston Natural Care For Men €3.80 product_reduction_percent€3.06
Kalliston Bio Olive Laurel & Biotin Shampoo 100ml:  Strengthening shampoo, without SLES – SLS, for weak hair. It contains laurel oil, biotin, as well as specialized amino cids that enhance the well – being of the scalp and increase hair density and strength. Additionally, it is enriched with organic olive oil that offers extra protection and soft...
Meissner Tremonia Hair Wax 60ml 5671 Meissner Tremonia Wax €19.90 -5%€16.05
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Meissner Tremonia Hair Wax 60ml

Meissner Tremonia
€15.92 €19.90
Meissner Tremonia Hair Wax 60ml: Handmade bio hair wax with high quality vegetable oils from controlled bio farming.
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