If you are wondering why you should choose us and our services, we inform you that there are many reasons to prefer HairMaker.Gr for your online shopping!

Read carefully and see why.

1) Low prices.

Low and Affordable Prices. We have a wide range of the best hair, beard, shaving and not only products at very competitive prices. All prices quoted include VAT. 24%

2) There are no hidden charges.

There are no "hidden or wicked" charges. Whichever way of payment you choose, shipping costs are specific and some at 3.60 euros for shipments across Greece. Also, there is no extra charge for cash payment !!!

 3) Selected products with free shipping.

If you see products labeled (Free shipping). These products are shipped to Greece free of charge.

 4) Make your order by a phone call.

If you do not do well with the internet and you want help or you are unsure about the product you want to order, you can place your order by phone with the same online prices.

5) Like us on Facebook.

 Like our Facebook page and earn a 3% discount on your next purchase!

6) Return policy.

We accept product returns within 14 calendar days of the date you receive the products. In this case, you only pay the direct cost of returning the products. Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition as you received them, without having their packaging unsealed or broken, along with your retail receipt or invoice.

7) Instructions for use.

By following the instructions for consumer protection, wherever products are required, there are relevant instructions for use translated into Greek. We try and believe we manage to give you very detailed instructions for all our products so that you know what you are buying and why you are buying it. In our hair salon we test all the products and review we write is from our personal experience. Ask us what you want for all of our products and we will try to help you as much as we can in choosing the right product for you.

8) 5 ways to pay.

You can make your payments by cash on delivery, by bank transfer, by credit or debit card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, DINERS), PayPal and cash when the products are delivered from our store as well as all cards.

9) Free shipping for purchases over € 49.00.

If purchases exceed € 49.00, there is no shipping cost (applies to shipments across Greece).

10) List of addresses to members of the site.

Registered users (members) are able to store product shipping addresses! In this way, the products can be shipped either to your home or work or to the address of someone you want to send their gift to directly!

11) Send e-mail for successful order sending.

Send e-mail to successfully send an order. Registered users (members) receive e-mail for successful shipment, tracking number, order, and sms with the entry of their order.

12) Our priority is your service.

We do not like waiting as you do. That's why we provide 12-hour e-mail support and 8-hour phone support from Monday to Saturday.

13) Ability to order also for those who do not wish to be registered as members.

Understanding the desire of users who want to make purchases without having to register as a member, HairMaker.Gr provides the possibility of ordering without registration!

14) Same product price when picked up by the store.

If a customer wants to pick up the product he has chosen from the store and pay in cash, the price remains the same. This way, you do not charge the shipping cost. The order in this case is again electronically from the e-shop and by telephone the time of receipt is set by the store.

15) Immediate Mission.

All orders received from Monday to Wednesday until 2pm. and Tuesday Thursday Friday to 4 in the afternoon and Saturday to 11 am are shipped the same day if the products are available.

6) Secure SSL environment.

Safe environment. For the safe handling of sensitive items through intenet, HairMaker.Gr 

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