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Kalliston Bio Olive Oil After Shave Gel For Men 75ml 3345 Kalliston Natural Shaving Products €8.10 €6.53
    Kalliston Bio Olive Oil After Shave Gel For Men 75ml: Light texture after-shave balm, free from alcohol, which provides the skin with a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. The natural polysaccharides provide a smooth, protective film on the skin, while Aloe Vera juice, chamomile extract.
    Reuzel Shave Cream 95.8gr 9288 Reuzel Brushless Shaving Creams €12.94 -15%€10.44
    • -15%
    Brushless Shaving Creams

    Reuzel Shave Cream 95.8gr

    €11.00 €12.94
    Reuzel Shave Cream For a wet shave, with or without shaving brush.
    Reuzel Astrigent Foam 200ml 9292 Reuzel AfterShave Gel €17.65 €14.23
    • -15%
    AfterShave Gel

    Reuzel Astrigent Foam 200ml

    €15.00 €17.65
    Reuzel Astringent Foam is non-drying and oil-free, so it’ll give your skin the firm, smooth look you’re after without removing essential moisture. 
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