You have the right to return the products you have purchased within 14 calendar days of the date you receive them.

Refunds are accepted provided that:

1. Contact us within 14 days of receipt of our products from our online store.

2. The products are in the same condition as you received them, without being unsealed or tampering with the packaging.

3. The product is accompanied by a retail receipt or invoice.

For your wish to return the products you purchased from our online store you should contact us at 2109901100 or by e-mail at  with a purchase date / purchase receipt number within the above deadline. The address for returning products is: Ioannis Gotsopoulos, Leoforos Kyprou 81 Argyroupoli Athens, PC 16451, marked "HairMaker.Gr BACK".

Please your attention.

Returned products must be returned in the box you received with the necessary protective equipment (blisters-shrimp- or protective materials) or in another similar package always carefully packed to receive them intact as we sent them to you.

You do not mean to give the returned products without being packaged in the courier and to receive them beaten, scratched or damaged.

Returns with the above features are not accepted.

No returns is made to all nail polish, except for proven shipment of defective products.

Shipping costs are charged to HairMaker.Gr only if there is a mistake in our order or if a defective product has been dispatched by us. Anything else due to the cost of return is borne by the customer

Once we receive the product and find that it meets all of the above replacement terms, your money is immediately returned to your account if you do not want to change the product with something else.

In order to facilitate you and not to be charged 10-12 euros for the return of your products, if you send them at your own expense, we undertake to send our own courier for any reason you want. ( Only for Greece).

If, as we have mentioned above, it is our fault, your shipping costs will be refunded, or the product will be replaced if you wish, with our own shipping costs.

If it is your fault or for any reason you want to return your products, you will be deducted from the value of your products, 3.60 euros which is the cost of returning the products.

In case now that you want to change products for your own reasons without any mistake on our part, the cost amounts to 2X3.60 = 7.20 euros (return costs + shipping costs).

If you have pay with a Visa card your order, we direct the order to the card issuer and we are not responsible for any credit delays to you. Information about the time to remit money by card to the relevant banks.

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