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Ilū 417 Angled Eyeshadow Brush €4.50 Ilū 417 Angled Eyeshadow Brush €4.50 2
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€3.82 €4.50
Ilū 417 is a wonderful Angled Eyeshadow brush to create a perfect eyelook.
Eyebrows Brush Dido No.30 €3.40 Eyebrows Brush Dido No.30 €3.40 2
    Makeup Brushes

    Eyebrows Brush Dido No.30

    Excellent brush for the shaping and the filling of the eyebrows.
    Eyeshadow Brush Dido No.39 €6.40 Eyeshadow Brush Dido No.39 €6.40 2
      Makeup Brushes

      Eyeshadow Brush Dido No.39

      Used to apply shadow on smaller surfaces (such as the inner corner) and erase.
      Lussoni Pro 560 Flat Definer MakeUp Brush €9.90
        Lussoni 560 brush has selected bristles that have been manually shaped without trimming to keep its natural shape and extraordinary softness.
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