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Klar is now among the best in quality companies in soaps.

Produce soaps using traditional methods and recipes, using the best ingredients.

Klar's Kinder Soap 100gr €5.50 Klar's Kinder Soap 100gr €5.50 2
    Soap with chamomile fragrance sea buckthorn, and calendula for the delicate skin of children from the first 12 months.
    Klar's Ladies Soap 100gr €5.50 Klar's Ladies Soap 100gr €5.50 2
      Classic soap for women,made of vegetable oils from organic agriculture.
      Klar's Mandelseife Soap 100gr €5.89
        Klar's Mandelseife Soap 100gr: With the sweet fragrance of almonds, Klar's mandelseife soap exudes a distinctive seductive aroma during the bath.
        Klar's Orangeseife Soap 100gr €5.89
          Klar's Orangeseife Soap 100gr: The orangenseife soap with orange oil stimulates and hydrates the skin.
          Klar Ginseng Soap 100gr €6.90 Klar Ginseng Soap 100gr €6.90 2
            Klar's Ginseng Soap Nourish the skin and gently clean with a mild foam.
            Klar Lavender Soap 100gr €5.89 Klar Lavender Soap 100gr €5.89 2
              Klar's Lavender Soap Produced from pure plant oils from certified producers.
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