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Shark | Razor blades

Double edged razor blades shark, made of stainless steel.

Suitable for all safety razors.

Shark Super Stainless Pack 5 Razor Blades 0786 Shark Razor Blades €0.75 -20%€0.60
  • -20%
€0.60 €0.75
Razor Blades Shark Super Stainless Pack 5. Double-edged razors made of stainless steel, fit to all safety razors.     
Shark Double Edge Safety Razor 10117 Shark Closed Comb Safety Razors €7.49 -20%€6.04
  • -20%
Closed Comb Safety Razors

Shark Double Edge Safety Razor

€5.99 €7.49
The ideal double edge safety razor for beginners, by Shark. Easy to use and practical, for a deep shave and a comfortable experience.
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